The Indication Used By China Stud Supplier

  •       The general Hexagon Socket Head Bolt will loosen due to vibration and other reasons during use, such as vibration. In order to prevent this phenomenon, a self-locking nut was invented. The main function of the self-locking nut is to prevent loosening and vibration. For special occasions. Its working principle is generally self-locking by friction. The types of self-locking nuts classified according to their functions are those with embedded nylon rings, those with neck closures, and those with metal anti-loosening devices. They are all effective torque type locknuts.
          Locknuts and self-tightening nuts are a common type of tightening locknuts. Its principle is actually very simple. There is a 30-degree wedge surface at the top of the traditional 60-degree tooth tip. This structure allows the bolt to be tightened with the nut. , The female and male threads will obtain greater friction than traditional threads, so there is a good anti-loosening effect.
          First, superior seismic performance: When the thread is tightened, the crest thread of the bolt tightly enters the 30° wedge-shaped slope of the nut to be clamped, and the normal force exerted on the wedge-shaped slope is related to the axis of the bolt. The included angle is 60° instead of 30°. Therefore, the normal force generated when the locknut is tightened is much greater than that of the ordinary standard nut, which has great anti-loose and anti-vibration ability.
          Second, strong wear resistance and shear resistance: the 30° inclined surface of the nut thread bottom can make the nut locking force evenly distributed on all the threads of each tooth. Since the compression force on the thread surface of each tooth is evenly distributed, so The locknut can better solve the problems of thread wear and shear deformation.
          Third, good reusability: The extensive use of China Stud Supplier shows that after repeated tightening and disassembly of the locknut, its locking force is still not reduced, and the original locking effect can be maintained.