What should be paid attention to for bounty hunters in OSRS?

  • Bounty Hunter (BH) is a player who kills mini-games in the wilderness.

    It was originally released in December 2007 as part of a highly controversial update that saw the removal of PvP from the wilderness. Its first incarnation was limited to a single crater and was designed to replace wilderness player killings.

    Although the August 2007 RuneScape file believed that the Old School server was based on an update from Bounty Hunter, both players and the development team expressed interest in re-publishing it in a revised form. Subsequently, it was released as a single-world event in 2014, separate from the traditional wilderness PvP.

    Since its release, many integrity updates have been implemented in Bounty Hunter to eliminate grief. Besides, the Bounty Hunter world switches between 318 (UK) and 319 (US) every two weeks to enable players from different continents to better ping.

    If five goals are skipped within 30 minutes, a fine will be incurred, and if the skipped goals are within 5 wilderness levels, the player will not be able to receive a new goal within 30 minutes. The task of the bounty hunter is still more complicated. You will have to prepare enough RS Gold 2007 in exchange for useful props or equipment.

    When the player kills the target, there is a chance to get an antique badge. Besides, if the winner has an antique logo, the logo has a chance to upgrade to the next level. You can only upgrade your logo 10 times a day. Players can increase their chances of upgrading their logo by performing the following actions:

     Kill higher-level targets
     Carry higher grade antique signs

    If the player dies while carrying an antique sign, the sign will always be lost.

    After killing the target, unless the immunity timer expires, they cannot attack other players for 20 seconds unless they attack other players.

    Each level upgrade will increase the value of the player's emblem, which will increase the player's small income from killing the player because the emblem can be sold to dealers. Players in OSRS will think of using OSRS Gold For Sale to improve game efficiency, so it is very important to choose a reliable supplier. RSgoldB2C has always been recognized by users with its supreme service attitude. You can rest assured to browse and select transactions.