EVE Online may become the most important MMORPG in history due

  • Developing one of the most important games of all time was not the original goal of the developer CCP Games, but its release EVE Online is one of the most powerful competitors for this title. Approximately 300,000 players have been enjoying the huge world provided by this space MMORPG since the game was released in 2003, and have been fighting, trading, mining and exploring in it. To be honest, EVE Online is changing the world in its own way because it is an ideal research environment for various scientific, social and political theories.

    CCP senior strategist Tryggvi Hjaltason has always been very aware of the influence of EVE Online, and the socio-economic system in EVE fascinates him. As a game developer, CCP Games has detailed data on the economic system that has been running for 16 years. Therefore, EVE Online is an ideal place to study economic issues. Economists can study human behavior, motivations, and their EVE Echoes ISK responses when facing economic fluctuations in the game.

    EVE's ways to change the world include cooperating with universities to conduct research, sharing large amounts of statistical data with scientists, and even meeting with representatives of the Icelandic government.

    Sociology is one of the main research fields promoted by EVE Online. A few years ago, a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland chose to contact CCP Games and put forward a request for research data in order to study whether the pilot gender chosen by the player has an impact on their gaming behavior. Analysis of the data shows that this is indeed the case: players who choose to play female roles in the game are generally less aggressive. Compared with seeking conflict, these players are more inclined to solve problems through diplomatic means.

    A doctoral student from Oxford University also cooperated with CCP Games and tried to chart the journey of a single in-game particle. The object of his research is tritanium, which is a common building material in games. During the research, they observed and analyzed the operation of tritanium, from mining to final destruction. Hjaltason said that he is very optimistic about this research, because this kind of research has high value, and these insights may benefit players.

    Take the Project Discovery conducted in EVE Online in 2017 as an example. Some studies can even improve our understanding of astronomy. The project requires players to complete a special task, which is to find planets outside the solar system in reality and record relevant data. Players analysed in-game luminosity graphs, which measure the changing brightness of stars when planets pass in front of them, players who submit these valid data can get rewards such as unique skins and spaceship blueprints.

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