World of Warcraft: The correct steps to get void cat Jenafur

  • World of Warcraft always provides every player with an immersive gaming experience. Some players simply understand the story, while others are keen to challenge the most difficult content and push the limits. In fact, there are many secrets in the game world waiting for players to explore, and only those very dedicated players can work together to solve these mysteries. Recently, they finally found a way to get a pet named Jenafur. Blizzard added puzzles related to this void cat in version 8.2.5 of World of Warcraft. The gaming community tried many methods for nearly a year, but was still stuck. Until recently, a detailed guide published by a puzzle enthusiast solved the problem. Now, every interested player can follow the steps to get his own battle pet.

    The player first needs to go to the House of Edune located in the western part of Ashenvale, where there is an NPC named Amara Lunastar, and after talking with her, the player can start the puzzle-solving journey. If your faction has already controlled Darkshore, then you can quickly reach the target location through the Darkshore portal, otherwise it will take a long time. Amara Lunastar will talk about her missing World of Warcraft Classic Gold cat during the exchange, you need to click on the 'I will keep an eye out for it' option.

    After that you need to go to Donni Anthania's residence, this crazy cat lady's home is inside Elwynn Forest near the Human starting area of ​​Northshire. Because Elwynn Forest is near Stormwind, Alliance players can easily reach the target location, while Horde characters need to go to Blackrock Mountain or the Twilight Highlands first to find a portal for flying. In the corner of this house, you will find an empty plate, click on it to get the final clue.

    The final step of the puzzle-solving journey requires the player to return to Karazhan, a stronghold established by Medivh on Deadwind Pass. But you can't find the puzzle in the main entrance below the tower, you need to enter the Legion dungeon on the side. After entering, the player needs to find the food needed to solve the puzzle in the position between the second and third bosses, Moroes and the Maiden of Virtue. It is worth noting that these foods will disappear after 5 minutes, so you'd better collect all the food quickly and return to Opera Hall immediately. The food needed to solve the puzzle includes: 2 Juicy Drumsticks, 2 Fishy Bits, 2 Marbled Steaks, 1 Slathered Rib, 1 Meaty Morsel.

    After that, players only need to place food in a specific location in Opera Hall to attract Jenafur, and any player can capture her as their battle pet. If you are playing World of Warcraft Classic, you will surely find what you need on the official website of MMOWTS. In fact, MMOWTS not only releases news related to World of Warcraft Classic, but also sells cheap WOW Classic Gold. Every day, players from all over the world choose to buy Vanilla WOW Gold at MMOWTS and get the best shopping experience.