More convenient for cars to get in and out of the elevator


    Advantages of car elevator:

    1. After the installation and unloading of the landing gear is completed, the load of the elevator drops sharply, and the force of the car is uneven. This method is very different from the way that ordinary freight elevators gradually load and unload goods gradually. The structural design of the vehicle elevator should adapt to this characteristic.

    2. There are two control button boxes in the car, so that the driver can operate the elevator without leaving the car;

    3. The rated load is more than 3 tons, the car area is large, and all kinds of small cars can be loaded;

    4. The setting of front and rear through doors makes it convenient for vehicles to enter and exit the elevator.

    5. There is a car suitable for vehicle transportation. In the definition of car elevator, the car is an element that can distinguish the elevator from other elevators, which determines that the internal dimensions of the car should be adapted to the shape of the passenger car. In accordance with the definition standards for new economy cars and the "Code for Design of Garage Buildings", the external dimensions and weights of various passenger car design models are stipulated. Therefore, the size of the car elevator car should also be determined.

    The specially optimized and exclusive graph speed curve of WEBSTAR make the machine-room-less goods elevator run more stable in acceleration as well as deceleration, at the same time, it can reduce the operational time between the floors With high accuracy leveling function, the vans can go into and out of the car very conveniently and stably.

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