What is the difference between hand embroidery and computer emb


    Suzhou embroidery refers to the embroidery centered on Suzhou in the Jiangsu area. Suzhou is an important center of silk production in my country. The various silk brocades produced here provide good quality raw materials for the development of my country's embroidery art. In addition, the embroidery craftsmanship in Suzhou has a long history and a solid foundation early on. So how do we distinguish between machine embroidery and manual embroidery?

    Usually, the thread material for hand embroidery is made of natural silk, which has a natural luster. The thread used for machine embroidery is mostly silk light made of chemical fiber material, which is relatively smooth. When the machine embroiders, the tension is relatively tight, and the natural silk thread cannot be used for machine production, so the hand feel is hard.

    Secondly, the silk thread used in Su embroidery can be split into silk. For a hand-embroidered picture, due to the craftsmanship, different thickness threads are needed to embroider the picture during the embroidery process, so you can see if you look closely. The thread used in the machine-embroidered embroidery picture cannot be broken due to craftsmanship, so the entire picture has the same thread thickness, which makes the effect look rather dull.

    Third, the color matching of machine embroidery is not uniform by hand, and in some places, the transition is not flexible by hand, which is rather dull.

    Finally, because the production is controlled by a computer program, the embroidery thread is arranged neatly and the foot distribution is very regular. Because Su embroidery is artificially embroidered, it is impossible for the embroiderer to have the same stitch length when embroidering, and it will appear more vivid.

    However, traditional embroidery machines are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and labor costs are high. Computerized embroidery machines are characterized by high speed and high efficiency. Therefore, more and more people choose to use computerized embroidery instead of traditional embroidery.

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