Function Introduction of Multifunctional Household Embroidery M


    Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has an experienced and professional team that can design, research and manufacture sewing machines and embroidery machines with different specifications, multi-functions and multi-functions.

    Let's introduce the basic functions of the multifunctional household sewing and embroidery machine:

    1. Memory 500000 pin storage function, with USB interface

    2. LCD display, with touch screen function

    3. With broken thread alarm function, automatic winding function, automatic trimming function, sewing function, manual speed control function

    4. Fault prompt and alarm function, with error operation warning function

    5. Can store patterns easily

    6. Ordinary sewing has low, medium and high from 70 stitches/min to 850 stitches/min, and the maximum embroidery speed is 650 stitches/min.

    7. The pattern can be rotated 360 degrees by 90 degrees every step

    8. The pattern can be zoomed in and out and adjusted (50%, 100%, 200% size)

    9. The maximum embroidery area is 110×110mm

    10. The operating software supports WINDOWS98, 2000 and XP systems

    11. The embroidery machine system can support the currently commonly used embroidery data format (TAJIMA software)

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