Stenter Analysis

  • The main purpose of Stenter is to shape the continuous silk thread according to the weaving conditions after merging and twisting, that is, it is used to shape the chemical fiber, real silk, cashmere, yarn, curtain, crepe, and printed cloth. That is, the non-twisted yarn with stable twist and balance under a certain pressure and temperature is convenient for subsequent processing and improves product quality. For yarns with strong twists, it is more important to use a fabric setting machine.

      The fabric setting machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used for wet heat setting (saturated steam directly enters the cylinder) or dry heat setting (saturated steam directly enters the jacket and dissipates heat from the inner wall of the cylinder). The door switch is light and flexible, and the loading and unloading of objects is quick and convenient.

      Features of fabric setting machine:

    1. The fabric setting machine computer touch screen, fully automatic one-key operation, high output, finalized in batches.
    2. Fabric setting machine incense selection, eliminate peculiar smell, increase atmosphere, high temperature sterilization, health and safety.
    3. Computer servo system with frequency conversion function, energy-saving and power-saving. Fast heating and automatic setting, so that the fabric can be heated evenly at 360 degrees, which is efficient, fast and convenient.
    4. High-temperature ironing can accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances (such as formaldehyde and chemical dyes) remaining on the fabric.
    5. One machine with dual functions, can form finished and semi-finished products. The Flat Screen Printing Machine is equipped with a computer-adjusted temperature setting controller, which can perform steam setting according to different fabrics.
    6. The pattern setting function can solve the problem of fabric pattern misalignment and make the flowers align accurately.