There are no benefits for this action... maybe apart from glory

  • Two teams struggle against each other to RS gold create bottles of Rum. Players may get experience in a variety of skills by completing tasks necessary for the Rum production. In addition to this there's NPC selling cosmetic items for points made during the game. Volcanic Mine (Risky). Beneath a Fossil Island that you can discover a Volcano which holds many precious ores. Players who predominate over 50 Mining level and fulfill different demands can challenge themselves to mine said ores within a time constraints. It is a great moneymaker and an amazing way to level up Mining skill.

    Additional minigames. Have you ever obtained Clue Scroll as a fall out of creature or activity? If you did, then you should be acquainted with how to start Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a little chance to fall said Clue Scrolls that lead to some location that might have a treasure. To simplify matters a little those pieces of paper have complicated puzzles which could be in shape of a map, drawing, rhyme or some thing else. As its name says, this is simply a Clue of wherever your prize is. After solving it, you may get a different one and in roughly 5 solves you'll receive treasure.

    Simply, only a board games area where players can play various Jagex variations of the well-known titles like Connect Four or Draughts. Rat Pits (Safe). Players can train their routine cats to become Wily Cats who focus in fighting against Mice in the special arenas. By bargaining with Ali Morrisane who is greedy and cunning Pollnivnian retailer looking for new business opportunities it is possible to create a little profit in form of runes, clothes and blackjacks.

    Collecting tears of the early God known as Guthix can enhance your lowest ability level. This activity can be only completed once a week. Minigames for f2p players. As its name states Duel Arena enables players to fight against each other. This place also has available specific rules that could be set to spice up things (like staking gold coins). It's available for both members and never have to play adventurers.

    Allows players out of two opposing Buddy Chats to fight against eachother. There are no benefits for this action... maybe apart from glory. In the Castle Wars area players can speak to NPC Lisa that may sign them up for LMS. Rules are pretty much the same as in other battleground matches - players are teleported to the island where they start looking for a gear and struggle to buy rs gold paypal eliminate each other. Game ends when only one surviving participant is about the island. There is a benefit of 1.5mil for the very first place and 500k coins to get second in competitive manner.