I advise you do Smoking Kills pursuit first if you have not

  • 80 mil is RS gold then enough to begin with slayer. I advise you do Smoking Kills pursuit first if you have not. Buy a black mask, and save rewards till you are able to turn that mask into a slayer helmet. You might also receive a dragon plate legs and spend the rest on a sgs if you would rather have an sgs. At higher slayer levels, slayer can really repay prayer. The occasional slayer item drop will cover of items. When you get to 83 slayer, then you may possibly get several dragon boot drops in a single trip.

    You can train range at tzhaar possibly because you want more money for prayer. You'll be collecting onyx bolt hints and maybe tzhaar armour and weapons. It won't be a huge profit, but may help you out some. You could also try out ranging some jobs, like fire giants if you get people. That is all I can reply for today, fantastic luck though.

    If I were to get battle abilities to 90, would that be good for godwars (All abilities including prayer) Yes, it will be good, I think thats wat is needed for Godwars, but this is if you solo however you'll be OK if you go with a group. If so, how long could that take via slayer? Well, is dependent upon how long you play. I would say at least 1-2 months. . .with like 2-3 hrs a day I guess. Just how many charms do I get (Approx) 5k+? Is 90 prayer worth it?

    Personally, I don't think so, 80 or 85 prayer is enough but if you got cash to spend then go ahead, 90 prayer is obviously excellent. How do I level range? Slayer and/or Ranging Aviansies in GWD because its excellent money+exp. How do I level mage? Alching Yew longs or alching ruby rings in Zanaris. I would also receive all skills 70+ Can you reccomend any order? Start with the most fun/liked ability then train the maximum boring/disliked skill then cheap RuneScape gold replicate. Can slayer supply an income good enough to pay for the prayer level? Yes.