AC was a strong enough distraction from the horrors of the worl

  • That really is Animal Crossing New Horizons Items my... Especially since I Understand How to make boba from scratch and make it after a week

    Basically me in college right now because we're not permitted to hang out with anybody. I can't stay with my boyfriend in his building and I have no friends yet

    Nah Isabelle will soon be talking abt her missing socks and fav tv show even with the world burning around her

    . .didn't believe it'd still be accurate months after lol.

    For a solid two weeks, AC was a strong enough distraction from the horrors of the world.

    This is me with my own brown sugar milk tea from Gong Cha! I even place a Boba shop on my island!

    I hate how true that is with all the boba. . I transferred 10 minutes away from one of the best boba shops in my area and it's helped keep me sane in quarantine.

    Yep, and I suspect that it is gont possess a very shitty orgasm in the penultimate episode accompanied by a gloomy season finale.

    Ooff moving political eh. Well be careful the tankies won't take kindly to this They're a salty Group

    A friend of Buy Nook Miles Ticket mine drew my fiancé and I animal crossing fashion!!! Such a talent!