There are lots of issues with RuneScape

  • Yes I read OP but OSRS gold putting another slant on it answering the key question: Assuming this bullet pointed list is/were accurate, do you believe the SoF should be closed down or substituted? Unfortunately for Jagex theyre working against (@ least) 3 strikes in a highly competitive & regularly changing industry;

    1) An old (10 decades + ) sport that despite regular updates & changes over the years, is still generally percieved as a classic not the"next thing" ( such as MOH & Counterstrike - still alot of players but not frequently kept apart from servers online that are normally player responsibilities)

    2) A large gamer bias against Runescape as"a kiddies/starter MMORPG". As in point 1 the regular maintenance & updates over the years belie this perception, giving the game a greater depth & quality than rumour, but many won't even look because of what they have read/heard.

    3) Poor marketing placement. Jagex/Insight Ventures nevertheless rely mainly on web based advertising & word of mouth, with some exceptions such as the gamer awards & intermittent TV advertising in limited countries bringing the match to the note of those who otherwise would not know about The only other mainstream mentions of Runescape tend to be in news posts where the slant is unquestionably damaging (theres been a few pedophile/ scammer cases over the years) which may attract attention but usually not of the sort that is desirable.

    The SORWT SOF is an endeavor to maintain cash flow from a neighborhood that is decreasing with people growing up & stopping play with less new players coming in every year whilst not addressing the issues I raised above. This is a minimal expense way to attempt fix a problem but has been causing more rather, im not a CFO & dont have access to the books but the constant tweaks indicate its not performing the job as matters stand.

    There are lots of issues with it from the rule changes they left so obviously to make it salable (RWT! Which most thing to) into how it really bears little relevance to the gameplay in general ( tacked on content was a regular early description) but its something alot people have got used to use on a regular basis (@ the free dailies & skilling/killing drops) & could probably cause the rants to buy RuneScape gold rise again if it had been removed entirely.