I am attempting to RuneScape

  • Right now I am looking at bring a whip, dds, att, str, and def potions, then the thing from the banshee and RuneScape gold the remainder filled with monkfish. I am still unsure of what I want to wear. I will probably kill the banshee first to get what it drops, then restock and run through for the boss. Thanks.

    I've got 51 fishing, 45 for mining and 43 smithing. I am F2P, so my sources are limited. I want to be able to smith rune, and finance myself in the long run (not get rich overnight, only to have it gone the next day). I have narrowed my options to those: Mining gold, which at no location in F2P has more than 2 ores, except the Crafting Guild (I've only got 23 crafting) and Karamja, with no lender close. I'd then smith this stone , until 55 mining, then use coal and mithril, then irrigation and addy, eventually same with rune.

    Same as above, but half mining coal to prepare me for mithril smithing. All coal mining till 55, but same ending as 1) (seems pointless, no smithing). Fishing swordies, but tuna problem, and Karamja, so bank is not too near. I'd like your comments, is the crafting worth it or something different? Hopefully someone else has expertise, thanks in advance.

    Do you guys suggest me about going to fight Armoured Zombies to get 99 strength,attack and defence with my current configutation? I am attempting to do dragon slayer in my f2p pure. I'd love to know which quests (F2P just ) are the quickest way to get 33 exploration points? You should certainly do the"Romeo and Juliet" pursuit -- it gives you five quest points and is really simple. Vampire Slayer also provides you three pursuit points. Goblin Diplomacy provides you five quest points, Prince Ali Rescue gives you three QP and also lets you to Al-Kharid for free.

    Pest control is great as long as you're not in a group of people which don't do anything, and I don't know how often that occurs in mass PC worlds. I Pest Controlled my Defense from like 70-85, that is when I started to hate it with a passion. If you don't need to perform Pest Control (or RS gold Soul Wars, which is better-ish, so I hear) common training areas would be: Giant Spiders, Flesh Crawlers, Ankous? Rock Crabs, Experiments (obtained 70 Att here).