Aside from a dragon dagger, what weapons if I use?

  • I know some ways to get money, but one I have never tried is using combat. I'm considering trying to OSRS gold kill green dragons, unless you have some other particular suggestions? Currently my hypothetical setup for green dragons is thus: Neit Helm. Rune Platebody. Rune platelegs.

    Aside from a dragon dagger, what weapons if I use? Bearing in mind that the goal of this would be to reach level 70 assault, and earn around four million. I have acess to the majority of dragon weapons which may be bought from stores, for example, halberd and scimitar. In addition, I have a set of emptiness melee, and I could get 70 attack some other way if another method of attackign will be humungously better, e.g. cannoning. Hopefully you are able to answer my question well:huh:. Besides armour, can I get a word on food? Can I attract Prayer potions? Do I use antifires, and how many? What type of fish?

    Change ammy of glory by sport necklace and use dueling ring and change the gloves by forinthry brace. If u will cannon u don't really need any p pot or anything but as u said ur whole bank is about 1m so cannoning won't be good for you then u can use the anti aging drag defense, and anti fire pots and u don't require any de pots. For the drag dagger u can alter it with drag scimmy if u performed fighter insanity. And cannoning is far better if u can manage it bu that the cannon is similar to 600k and u also need balls for this and ur lender is 500k-1m so u will want t market some of ur stuf. Forinthry brace? Good idea, I had not thought of buy RuneScape gold that. I will keep the glory for crisis teleports simply because it can teleport around wilderness level 30, as opposed to regular jewelry (20). I could use the cannon when I create another million. I'll utilize the dragon scimitar.

    Why do I Want to teleport to Castle Wars? There is no altar there... if anything I would be better using my house? The boss will have a special mechanic that is likely to make the battle difficult or uncommon. . .once you have defeated the boss you'll find a display which shows your experience.