What's the grind like today?

  • There was a short intermediate period where I played for RuneScape gold a month or 2 on this other account because my previous one was murdered, but I do not remember too much details from how the match was when this was.

    Some basic questions: What's the grind like today? What's the effect of inflation been and how hard is the moneymaking process from scratch? Is there still a people for a great deal of these activities? Where do you suggest I begin if I were to start? I've learned about purchasing membership with ingame money, what is this like? Is it easy to care or not and what's the price like?

    Lets see if I could provide some answers. What's the grind like today? In the last few decades xp rates of a lot of skill have been buffed, so there is not as much grind. What has the effect of inflation already been and just how hard is that the moneymaking process from scratch? Moneymaking now is largely confined to battle, bossing specifically. Skilling generally gives limited benefit in contrast to what I said previously.

    Is there still a population for a lot of the actions? If by actions you mean minigames, then no, most of them are dead. Where would you suggest I start if I were to start? If you were to become a member, I'd suggest slayer since It's a nice combination between gp and xp gains. I don't know if you need to listen to me on this one tho, because it's my favorite skill:P

    I've heard about buying membership with ingame currency, what's this like? Is it easy to care or not and what's the price like? A bond right now is between 6-7m and lasts for 14 days. You purchase them in ge and they're supplied by men and women who purchase them together with irl cash. I would say It is pretty easy to keep, but this depends a good deal on your own stats. Hope this helps, If you want more help just say so or pay a visit to our'Sals Realm' clan chat, lots of helpfull individuals there.

    Hey buddy! How could I neglect you haha?! What's the grind like now? Overall you probably have to OSRS Gold For Sale grind less now to achieve a 99, RuneScape has became a marginally different and simpler game with training approaches offering better exp, daily challenges, exp promotes and tons of activities that provide bonus exp.