Old School RuneScape is coming to Steam at February

  • Old School RuneScape, the nostalgic MMORPG spin-off, is coming to OSRS gold Steam on February 24th. Is it reasonable to call a game that's continuing to grow and expand nostalgic? Probably not. RuneScape, like any successful MMORPG, changed a lot over its life span and a lot of players missed its earlier times. Developers Jagex satisfied those players by launching Old School RuneScape at 2013, plus they've added and expanded to it alongside RuneScape ever since.

    Last year, Old School RuneScape broke its own records for concurrent players, with over 157,000 players online at one time. That's thanks largely to its Leagues - short-term competitive events for which players need to make new characters to compete in particular challenges. It's impressive to get a 2013 game (based on a 2007 game) to continue to be so popular, but it's partly as a result of its old-fashioned graphics. RuneScape was beloved by school children the world over, since it had been one of the few games that you could sneakily operate on library computers. Currently Old School RuneScape will similarly run on virtually anything, such as rusty old tablets. Started on Steam last year and has a small audience. It'll be interesting to see how Old School compares. An old classic, they state. Runescape developers are attempting to secure more and more people to play the game. It's among the very best childhood games that is still being played by approximately 5000 players every day. Here is a classic trailer: Old School RuneScape Steam introduction will provide a custom-built Steam expertise using a committed Old School Steam Community Hub, featuring weekly announcements, guides, articles, art, and videos, along with membership bundles and achievements.

    "What started as a vanilla server for RuneScape has become an eight-year success story and we're so excited that it is expanding into the Steam platform . 2021 is defined to Old School RS Gold be a massive season for Old School RuneScape with a jam-packed release program, and all content accessible with cross-platform play. We're convinced that both our community and new gamers alike will find their time at the game a thrilling one." -- Rob Hendry, Executive Producer. Runescape also began producing leagues in expectation that more players will come to perform . At RuneFest 2019, Jagex announced a distinctive new high-speed game mode with similarities to Deadman Mode known as"Old School Runescape Leagues".