NBA 2K21: How To Attain Your City

  • Developing my player's off-the-court character is a similarly stiff and lifeless progression. Developer diaries before NBA 2K21's launch suggested that The W players could take on NBA 2K MT Coins roles that real-life WNBA stars pursue, while boosting the league itself, carrying on negative gigs in media or fashion style, or preparing for a career as a coach. Well, most of this is handled in a process whose sole player interaction is choosing one of three choices off a card between games. Again, progression is repaired, and it delivers is unlockable cosmetics items on a fixed schedule. This means is that you get into a really limited core gameplay loop very quickly, and one which is extremely reminiscent of career manners I saw on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's tough to call The W a good first shot at career-mode parity when so much of its enjoyability comes out of, well, just playing with the games themselves. At least that activity is distinguishable from the rest of NBA 2K21 whilst still being enjoyable -- but it had been when I had been messing around with the WNBA in MyLeague last year, too.

    Likewise, it is hard to criticize Visual Concepts' design here like tossing female avatars to the much bigger world of MyCareer would be the easiest or easiest solution. The WNBA deserves to have its own livelihood ecosystem; it's a more supportive statement to provide the WNBA its mode, rather than just dump them into NBA 2K21's aggressively competitive multiplayer world and tell them to fend for themselves or, even worse, patronize them with inflated attribute evaluations.

    And, as a practical matter, many NBA 2K players do not wish to keep more than one participant avatar in a manner that is already very heavily affected by microtransactions. 2K Sports are pilloried if it provided up WNBA players as just another vector for real-money earnings of Virtual Money. To Visual Concepts' charge, a WNBA player does make Virtual Money that goes toward the user general balance. It provides at least a little reward for trying the manner. Nonetheless, it is a spectacular irony that the WNBA participant himself doesn't get to"spend" what she earns -- if on her own development, or clothes, or whatever.

    The W is joined by a multi-season team management mode, called MyWNBA. But its menu-driven feature set looks like something from MLB 2K10 or 2K11. There isn't much to the beyond getting two"jobs" at the beginning of the year -- you to exchange a certain player before the deadline and yet another (out of... the Senate?) To acquire a certain number of games. At a multi-season background simulation, my failure to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins send didn't have much of an effect. The real reasons for conducting a group -- developing players, installing an offensive strategy -- are still as self-driven as whatever narrative MyWNBA occurs to deliver.