About The Heat Treatment Of Carbon Steel Rivet Nut

  • There are many types of fasteners around us. There are many visible and invisible fasteners. carbon steel rivet nut is one of the fasteners.

    Some users often ask, rivet nuts, fasteners, can not withstand high temperatures. Now let’s analyze the material requirements of high-temperature fasteners. After the rivet nut fastener is formed as required, it needs heat treatment and surface treatment to achieve specific mechanical properties. Therefore, the material of the carbon steel rivet nut must have good hardenability, stability, and good mechanical properties. The rivet nut should be a kind of fastener that can adapt to various stresses to ensure the stability of the component. The carbon steel rivet nut has sufficient impact toughness requirements, low notch sensitivity, good creep resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. Resistant to delayed damage. Carbon steel rivet nut has even higher requirements for heat treatment, and the chemical composition and mechanical properties it requires must be able to meet the design requirements of sheet metal installation.

    The choice of fasteners is determined by the actual design requirements of the product. The flat head rivet nut and the carbon steel rivet nut are used in different places.