Application Of Flat Head Rivet Nut

  • The choice of fasteners is determined by the actual design needs of the product, and of course, the aesthetic requirements of the product must be taken into consideration. The small-head rivet nut has a thin head. After riveting, it is flat on the outside of the board. The flat head rivet nut has a thicker head. After riveting, it protrudes out of the board. Each type of rivet nut has its advantages.

    The flat head rivet nut has a thread in the round hole. Its characteristic is that the cross-section of the outer surface of the rivet nut rod is round. The head of the rivet nut, the rivet cap, is thicker, which is 1.5 mm. flat. The flat-head rivet nut of the utility model is convenient to use, has high assembly efficiency, is smoothly combined with the assembly surface, can bear heavier parts, and can be widely used in the assembly of parts in industries such as elevators, automobiles, and ships.

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