About The Material Properties Of Carbon Steel Rivet Nut

  • There are various kinds of rivet nuts around us, and carbon steel rivet nut is also a kind of rivet nut.

    Lower fire temperature will cause different degrees of stress weakening under the condition of raising the temperature.

    The material used for this performance level should have good hardenability to ensure that the core of the fastener thread section obtains about 90% of the martensite structure after quenching and before tempering.

    Alloy steel should contain at least one of the following elements, the minimum content is chromium 0.30%; nickel 0.30%; molybdenum 0.20%; vanadium 0.10% 8) Considering the tensile stress, the surface of 12.9 is not allowed to have gold Phase can be measured white phosphorus accumulation layer.

    When carbon steel rivet nut is shipped, defective products will be selected. Only qualified products can be used by customers. Find bad product quality problems in time and control the quality well. To ensure the quality of flat head rivet nut and other rivet nuts.