Quality Inspection Of Custom Rivet Nut

  • Many people don't know why we need the custom rivet nut . Custom rivet nut can bring us a lot of conveniences.

    The design of the rivet nut is to solve the shortcomings of the thin metal plate and thin tube welding nut, such as easy melting, easy welding deformation of the base material, easy slippage of the internal thread, etc.

    The judgment of the surface treatment quality of the rivet nut is mainly to check whether the corrosion resistance of the rivet nut has been effectively improved and whether the increased range meets the expected requirements. Moreover, in the technology introduced in China, foreign drawings and material parts can be provided to China, but in terms of heat treatment, foreign countries are strictly confidential, and we have learned very little from it.

    Our country's technology is relatively late, but the learning ability is indeed very strong. Up to now, our country's knurled rivet nut and other rivet nuts have gained a place in the world.