The working principle of the Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mou


    Everyone should not be very familiar with Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Moulds. In fact, Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Moulds are a kind of model tool that can make injection molded products more precise in size. Therefore, Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Moulds exist. It has been a great help for all aspects of processing. Therefore, many people want to know the tool principle of Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould fittings. In addition, everyone wants to know the standards of Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould fittings. In view of these problems, we will learn more Go down.

    Working principle of injection mould:

    (1)Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry, which give plastic products a complete configuration and precise dimensions. Due to the wide variety of plastics and processing methods, and the complex and simple structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products, the types and structures of plastic molds are also diverse.

    (2) According to different molding methods, plastic processing molds corresponding to different process requirements can be divided into types of plastic molds, mainly injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, blister molding molds, and high-foamed polystyrene molding molds.

    Standard of injection mould for injection pipe fittings:

    (1)In order to improve the quality of molds and minimize complaints about mold quality problems, we will hand over molds to customers' satisfaction, summarize and summarize common problems in mold manufacturing, establish standards, and implement them as required. 1. For mold blanks smaller than 2020, prying pits are required between the a and b plates; mold blanks larger than 2020, including the thimble plates, must be prying pits.

    (2)Exhaust grooves should be machined on the guide post and guide sleeve of the mold blank to prevent the guide post and guide sleeve from straining. There should be no sharp corners on the mold, and chamfering is required. Except where specified. .The inner mold and mold parts shall not be welded without consent. Exhaust grooves must be opened on the periphery of the mold product. For the specifications of the exhaust groove, please refer to the mold design manual.

    (3)Avoid using a grinder to polish the mold as much as possible. If you must use a grinder to process, you must use oil stone to save light (parting surface). The surface treatment of the inner mold rubber surface must be in accordance with the bom table or other formal notifications. Implementation of technical requirements. The processing lines on the non-adhesive surface (wire cutting, milling machine, cnc gong machine, spark machine) should also use oilstone to save light. Inner mold materials and mold blank grade requirements must be purchased according to the order or the technical requirements formally confirmed during the design review process. Material certificate must be provided, if it is a hard mold, a heat treatment report must be provided. Relevant proof. The front and rear inner molds, inserts, row positions, inclined tops, straight tops (push blocks), shoveling chickens, etc. of the mold need to be processed with a waist circular pit on the bottom or side to engrave the material name and hardness.

    How to maintain the injection mold of injection pipe fittings:

    (1)Daily maintenance of plastic pipe fitting mold: various moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide post, guide sleeve, refueling, mold surface cleaning, and water drainage are the daily maintenance during mold production.

    (2)Regular maintenance of plastic pipe fitting molds: regular maintenance includes cleaning of exhaust grooves in addition to daily maintenance, air trapping and black spots and exhausting, and correction of damage and wear parts.

    (3) Appearance maintenance of plastic pipe fitting mold: paint the outside of the mold base to avoid rust. When lowering the mold, the fixed mold and the movable mold should be coated with anti-rust oil. The mold should be closed tightly to prevent dust from entering the cavity.

    (4)Pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold. It directly affects the surface quality of the product. The focus is to prevent rust. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable, professional anti-rust oil. After the mold completes the production task, different methods should be used to carefully remove the residual injection molding according to different injection molding. Copper rods, copper wires and professional mold cleaning agents can be used to remove the residual injection molding and other deposits in the mold, and then air dry. It is forbidden to clean up hard objects such as iron wires and steel bars to avoid scratching the surface. If there are rust spots caused by corrosive injection molding, use a grinder to grind and polish, and spray professional anti-rust oil, and then store the mold in a dry, cool, and dust-free place.

    Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the principle of Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould fittings. In addition, when making Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould fittings, we must strictly follow the above mentioned. In addition, Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould fittings should also be maintained. Only with reasonable maintenance can the injection mold for injection pipe fittings be used for a longer time, which saves money and trouble.