Precautions For Auto Lamp Mold Glue

  • There are many ways to enter the glue of the auto lamp mould , so what you need to pay attention to when inserting the glue is, let's take a look.

    Perform mold flow analysis and confirm the number and location of glue spots and welding marks to customers. Before opening the mold, the customer must confirm the position of the clamping line. Die steel: NAK80 or S136H is used for transparent products, the original material certificate should be provided, and the hardness of the front and back molds are staggered.

    The front mold of reflective products adopts NAK80 or S136H (HRC32-36), and the original material certification is required. The rear die can be made of HRC30-34 forged steel. The front and back mold steel of BMC material is 8407 (requires high polishing effect), and the original material certificate is provided, namely the front mold HRC46-50 and the rear mold HRC44-48.

    The steel of its product is forged steel (need to achieve polishing effect) HRC32-36, the side of the inner core part is empty 0.03MM, and wear-resistant blocks are added. The exhaust port is opened to the outside of the mold base, the front mold is exhausted, and the PL surfaces of the front mold and the rear mold are effectively sealed to prevent air from entering. Expand the area of ​​the counterweight and open the exhaust port.

    Transparent product/astigmatism product polishing, do not use oil stone, save the mold on 1000# sandpaper before polishing, other parts are ordinary 600#, BMC mold/plastic plane/pattern surface: CNC emits light first, then unload the mold, flying mold high-speed machine After being installed in place and rotated 20,000 revolutions, all the plastic parts of the mold will be assembled together. BMC molds are polished with a knife under 3mm. BMC product steel cannot be welded, and steel with aluminized surface cannot be welded. For transparent or patterned materials, you need to cut steel from the material, then polish and burn again, and also need to be tempered. For BMC material products, before hardening, there should be no sharp corners (including bottom holes) on the mold, and deep hole drilling should be used to process the heating pipe hole (positive value 0.02), and then the heating pipe and heating device should be processed. The pipe should be hardened to minus 0.05 -0.1.

    This is almost the same for the plastic injection of the auto reflective part mold .