Causes Of High Temperature In Auto Radiator Tank Plastic Mould

  • Sometimes, when we are driving on the road, after a while, we find that the temperature of the car's water tank seems to be much higher, and many people start to panic. However, there are many reasons for the high temperature of the car's water tank, and it is not necessarily caused by a car breakdown. The effects of high temperature weather, overloaded operation of air conditioners and failure of cooling components; automobile cooling system failures, such as water tank leakage, insufficient coolant, deterioration of coolant, blockage of coolant circulation system, etc., may cause the temperature inside the car to rise. Don't panic in case of trouble, you must first know the reason, and then you can better solve the problem.

    First, we need to find a safe place to park immediately, but do not immediately turn off the fire source. Keep the engine idling and continue to dissipate heat, while opening the cover to increase heat dissipation.

    Note: When the water temperature is too high or even boiling: 1. Don't try to continue driving, so as to avoid major machine damage accidents. 2. Do not try to open the water tank cover, otherwise it may spray hot liquid and cause burns. 3. Do not pour cold water into the engine block and cylinder head, otherwise the cylinder block may break due to sudden cooling.

    Secondly, after a period of time, we check for water leaks under the car. Then wait until the pointer of the water temperature gauge drops to the appropriate temperature position, and then turn off the engine.

    Finally, wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the first switch (about 1/4 turn), after releasing the water vapor pressure, open the water tank cover completely, check the water volume and quality of the water tank, and whether the fan belt is abnormal. If the amount of water is insufficient, the water should be added slowly near the highest mark line.

    Therefore, in general, excessive temperature is not only the cause, but may also be caused by other reasons, but the most important thing is to have a good auto radiator tank plastic mould and car radiator water tank.