Auto Radiator Tank Plastic Mould What To Do With High Temperatu

  • Many parts of the car are made of molds, among them, there is auto radiator tank plastic mould . Sometimes when we drive a car, we find that the temperature of the water tank becomes very high after a while. What should we do?

    First, find a safe place to park immediately, but don't turn off the engine immediately. Let the engine keep idling to continue to dissipate heat while opening the engine cover to increase the heat dissipation speed. After some time, check for water leaks under the car. Turn off the engine after the pointer of the water temperature gauge drops to the proper temperature. Finally, wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the first switch (about 1/4 turn), after the water vapor pressure is released, open the water tank cover completely, check the water volume and quality in the water tank, and whether the fan belt abnormal. If the amount of water is insufficient, you should slowly add water to the vicinity of the highest marking line.

    Note: If the water tank is leaking or the fan belt is loose or broken, you can call the towing company and wait for the trailer to be rescued. If necessary, you can also wait for the engine to completely cool down and then drive the car to a service shop for repairs at a low speed. Remember, you cannot drive at normal speed, otherwise, it is likely to cause permanent damage to the engine.

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