Simple Optimization Of Industrial Tray Molding

  • We all know that plastic products play a large role in our daily lives, and industrial pallets are also one of them. And what is the optimization method for Industrial tray molding ?

    It is mainly used in the initial design of forming process with discrete value space. The shape of the product and the structure of the gating system is coded, and the size information is described by characteristic parameters. Based on the collection and abstraction of previous successful process designs, an index and retrieval mechanism for the case library described in the form of a framework is established.

    For the parameters with continuous value space such as injection time and injection temperature in process design, the method based on an artificial neural network is used to optimize. Using the optimization objective function and under a certain optimization strategy, the optimal parameters confirmed by the optimization system are obtained.

    Mainly used for the interpretation and evaluation of analysis results. The expert system rule library established by this system is based on expert knowledge in the field of injection molding, covering short shots, flow balance, melt degradation, temperature difference control, dwell time, allowable shear stress, shear rate, Based on the analysis and refinement of the calculation results, the knowledge of clamping force and other aspects drives the expert system to reason, analyze and evaluate the forming scheme, and give specific optimization and improvement suggestions.

    The above are some simple optimizations.