Understand The Technical Points Of Industrial Tray Molding

  • Everyone can know a little bit about industrial pallets. We usually use a variety of pallets, and many of them are industrial pallets. So do you know about Industrial tray molding ?

    With the increase in complexity and precision requirements of plastic products and the shortening of production cycles, traditional mold design methods that mainly rely on experience can no longer meet the requirements of the market. In terms of large and complex injection molds and small accurate injection molds, my country still needs to import molds from abroad. Today we will take a look at the integrated analysis of the three-dimensional flow and pressure holding of Industrial tray molding products and runner systems.

    The runner system generally uses cylindrical elements, while the products use triangular elements. The HSCAE 3D system uses a semi-analytical method to solve the integrated solution problem of the hybrid element. In this way, the HSCAE 3D system can not only analyze large and complex products with one mold and one cavity but also The ability to analyze small precision products with one mold and multiple cavities greatly broaden the scope of use of the system. At present, the HSCAE 3D system is the world's advanced three-dimensional simulation software that can analyze the flow balance problems of a mold with multiple cavities.

    The above is a brief introduction to the integrated analysis of the three-dimensional flow pressure holding of the product and the runner system.