Introduce The Demoulding Method Of Plastic Chair Injection Moul

  • We all know that the molding process of plastic chair injection mould is not easy, so certain experience and skills are needed, and sometimes some tools are needed. With tools, demolding is not a thing that can be learned quickly for the new book. Let's talk about the method of molding together.

    Additives such as oily hydrocarbons or water mixed into the sintered powder will decompose during the sintering process and then escape along with the gaps in the mold wall. This is beneficial to obtain complete sintered parts and increase the life of the mold.

    When making ring parts, it is difficult to demold due to cooling shrinkage. As shown in Figure 39 below, when the sintering is completed, and the sintered product is not yet cooled, the forming rod 3 is pulled out, and punch 2 is pushed up to take out the sintered product. Since the process is completely carried out in a hot state, demoulding is more convenient, and it is also convenient for the shaping of the workpiece, and the press device can also be miniaturized. Or the mold has a thermal expansion, which makes it easy to demold.

    Of course, you can also try to demold the electrical appliance mould . Is it much more convenient and quicker?