What is the difference between kids balance bike and bicycle?


    The kids balance bike is to provide sliding power through the children's feet continuously and alternately pedaling on the ground, thereby exercising the children's balance ability.

    Many people think that the balance bike is a kind of children's toy that looks almost the same as a bicycle in appearance. The appearance of the balance bike and the bicycle is indeed the same, and there is a relationship between the two. In the beginning, the Germans got inspiration from bicycles and then developed the world's first balance bike, which quickly swept Germany and the world.

    First of all, balance bikes and bicycles have different ways of exerting force. The balance bike promotes sliding by alternately pushing the ground with both feet. During sliding, the grounding leg is straightened back. In a bicycle, the legs need to alternate up and down to perform a movement similar to drawing a circle.

    Secondly, the damage to the knee is different. But we need to know that if any kind of movement is improperly operated or engaged for too long, it may cause harm to the body. Balance scooter is no exception, but theoretically speaking, the way the balance scooter generates power is relatively knee-friendly.

    Third, the age at which the two riders first ride is also different. The riding age of the balance bike is not very fixed. It mainly depends on the height. Different models have different height requirements. Basically, children over one and a half years old can buy a balance bike and ride alone, while bicycles are a bit difficult to handle compared to children who are one and a half years old. Especially for bicycle handbrakes, it is difficult for babies under 2 years of age to control them properly. Therefore, balance bikes are more suitable for young children to ride than bicycles and can be counted as a perfect transition before cycling.

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