Classification Of Seamless Pipe Manufacturers

  • We can see seamless pipes in many factories or construction sites. With the increasing use of seamless pipes, Seamless Pipe Manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for the quality of seamless pipes. Today we will talk about some simple seamless pipe classification.

    A seamless pipe is placed along the perimeter of its cross-section. According to different production methods, it can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold-drawn pipe, extruded pipe, pipe jacking, etc., all have their process regulations.

    The materials are ordinary and high-quality carbon structural steel (Q215-A~Q275-A and 10~50 steel), low alloy steel (09MnV, 16Mn, etc.), alloy steel, stainless and acid-resistant steel, etc.

    According to the purpose, it is divided into two categories: general-purpose (used for water, gas pipelines and structural parts, mechanical parts) and special purpose (used for boilers, geological prospecting, bearings, acid resistance, etc.).

    The above is the understanding of the classification of seamless pipe.