Why can't gasoline engine oil be used for the lubrication of na


    The burning temperature of natural gas vehicles is higher than the temperature of the combustion chamber of gasoline vehicles, which will accelerate the oxidation of ordinary engine oil, resulting in deterioration of engine oil quality, causing component wear and lubrication failure, which is not conducive to the lubrication of the engine.

    Under the high-temperature working environment of a natural gas vehicle engine, ordinary oil can easily form a layer of black carbonized oil on the engine parts, which affects the normal operation of the engine.

    Ordinary motor oil will only produce sludge in the natural gas vehicle engine, which will block the oil circuit or generate oily oil. Because ordinary engine oil cannot solve the characteristics of natural gas, such as the inability to lubricate the cylinder valve, the exhaust gas of burning natural gas has many nitrogen compounds, which accelerates the nitration of ordinary engine oil to produce sludge and block the oil circuit.

    Natural gas enters the cylinder in a mist state, which cannot lubricate the cylinder and valve components. Gasoline cars are sprayed into the cylinder in a dropwise liquid state, which lubricates the cylinder and valve components. This is why ordinary engine oil cannot meet the requirements. Demand for natural gas vehicle oil.

    Natural gas vehicle exhaust emits a large number of nitrogen compounds. Nitrogen compounds can accelerate the aging of engine oil, increase bottom sludge, block the oil circuit, and cause engine vibration. Therefore, ordinary vehicle oil cannot meet the special needs of natural gas vehicles.

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