What are the advantages of CNG as a vehicle fuel?


    Under the dual pressure of global response to climate change and my country's control of air pollution, natural gas vehicles have significant advantages in environmental protection.

    Compared with gasoline and diesel, LNG has a higher unit calorific value, and the combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, almost free of sulfides, nitrogen oxides and lead, and have less pollution to the atmospheric environment.

    From an economic point of view, since the price of natural gas is lower than that of crude oil, natural gas has a clear comparative advantage over gasoline and diesel. In the context of low oil prices, the operating cost of natural gas as a transportation fuel is still lower than that of gasoline and diesel.

    Compared with other new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles perform better in terms of vehicle technology maturity, cruising range, safety, and cold start.

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