CNG will play a good role in improving the environment


    According to a report submitted by the IPCC, it can be seen that despite the high limits on emissions, global carbon dioxide emissions are still increasing, and therefore global warming is increasing.

    At present, the transportation sector occupies a large share of the global carbon dioxide emissions, and it has played an important role in influencing the world's climate and environmental changes.

    Popularizing engines that run on natural gas and biomethane within the transport sector is crucial for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Supplying vehicles with CNG is also the cheapest way to reduce CO2 emissions in comparison with other alternative fuels.

    It is estimated that about 20% of CO2 emissions in Germany are caused by transport. Currently, about 95,5 thousand vehicles in that country use natural gas as motor fuel, which means there are 350 million liters of petrol consumed less. It reduces CO2 emissions by 323 thousand tons.

    If German CNG vehicles reach 1,4 million, then fuel consumption will be reduced by 5,1 billion liters and CO2 emission by 4,7 million tons. This is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a city with 500 thousand citizens. Increasing the share of biomethane – a renewable source of energy – in compressed natural gas will result in a further reduction of CO2 emission by up to 97% compared to petrol.

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