Introduce The Composition Of CNG LPG ECU

  • I believe many people have never heard of CNG LPG ECU, so today we will introduce the components of CNG LPG ECU .

    CNG LPG ECU is mainly composed of 4 parts: input circuit, A/D (analog/digital) converter, microcomputer, and output circuit.

    The main function of the input circuit is to pre-process the sensor input signal so that the input signal becomes a signal that the microprocessor can accept. Because there are two types of input signals, analog signals, and digital signals, they are processed by corresponding input circuits respectively.

    The function of the A/D converter is to convert analog signals into digital signals, such as airflow sensor, water temperature sensor, intake air temperature sensor, linear output type constant valve position sensor, etc. The output to the automotive electronic control unit is an analog signal (ie continuous Signal of change). After they have been processed by the input circuit, they have become analog voltage signals with a certain amplitude, but the microcomputer cannot handle it with a short connection and must be converted into digital signals by an A/D converter.

    CNG Regulator also has components, and their roles are also different.