Runescape update content

  • To celebrate our transition from the era of killing cows and baking cakes to the era of harvesting souls and archaeology today, Runescape launched various celebrations in January. Already in mid-January, have you received the exclusive anniversary cloak and costume, enjoy 10% XP gain. Let's go to the crater to see what activities are there!

    Three mini-tasks from January 4th to 10th are the prelude to the celebration. For extra superfine flour tasks, remember to use extra skulls as collateral. Top Milk Quest Don't run around happily and forget to talk to Hans. Eggs and cabbage can be found in the spawning grounds and cabbage fields, which will help you complete the huge egg task. The anniversary cake is already waiting for you.

    After eating and drinking, it is more suitable to fight. Put on a cloak and go to the crater from January 11th to 17th. The chances of getting rare drops are even greater. The basic Slayer experience for all missions will be increased by half. The best thing is that death is not consumed. You can fight till dawn without worrying that RS Gold is not enough. Attack the Elder Overload Golems to get a 60-minute Elder Overload potion buff, will you feel excited?

    After that is the reward for gold and experience, mini-games and party skills will be reborn. From the 18th to the 24th, you can get double the currency value in each mini-game. From the 25th to the 31st is a time to relax. Because of the extra 50% experience value, you feel like you are in a hot spring!

    Anniversary commemorative products are not particularly eye-catching. The difference between pushpins and keyrings and previous years is that there will be an antique gold limited edition RS Classic logo. The color of the stitches of the limited edition mysterious robe is so-so, but the runes are pretty good-looking.

    Hurry up and enjoy this month's celebration! You can enjoy the Buy OSRS Gold service on at any time of the year. Maybe there will be discounts to celebrate Runescape's 2021.