About The Characteristics Of Flannel Jacquard Two-tone Fabric F

  • Flannel is a well-known fabric, and jacquard is also a common craft for us. In recent years, the flannel jacquard two-tone fabric factory has developed better and better, the characteristics of the fabric have become more obvious, and the advantages have been gradually discovered one by one.

    The flannel has a simple and elegant color, which can be divided into light gray, medium gray, and dark gray. It is suitable for making spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers. The flannel has a high weight, fine and dense fleece, thick fabric, high cost, and warmth retention. Great. The flannel fabric is covered with a layer of plump, fine, and clean fluff, no texture, soft and smooth to the touch, and the bones are slightly thinner than Melton. After milling and raising, the hand feel is plump and the suede is fine.

    The garments made of jacquard fabrics are comfortable to wear and are very popular. "Stretch satin" fabric is made of polyester FDY bright 50D*DTY75D+spandex 40D as raw materials, and satin weaves are interwoven on a jet loom. Because the warp threads are made of bright silk, the fabric is attractive, light, and thin. The advantages of suppleness, elasticity, comfort, and luster occupy a place in the fabric market.

    In addition to clothing, flannel is also a good choice for making blankets, so the development of the flannel fleece blanket factory is also very good.