Introduce The Dirt Resistance Of PV Plush Blanket Factory

  • As we all know, PV velvet is a very comfortable fabric, so it can be used for clothes or toys, so the PV plush blanket is naturally not a problem. It can be said that the role of PV wool is still very large, and PV plush blanket factory is also constantly improving.

    PV velvet also called long plush, South Korean velvet. The main ingredient is polyester, which is available in matte and semi-gloss, without lint, no balling, and diversified styles.

    PV velvet is a popular knitted fabric that has emerged in the past two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, and bedding products, and is favored by garment factories, supermarkets, and traders at home and abroad. Lightfastness, discoloration level 3-4; washing fastness, discoloration level 4, pollution level 3; sweat fastness, discoloration level 4, pollution level 3; rubbing fastness, dry rubbing level 4, wet rubbing level 2-3 Grade; dry cleaning fastness, discoloration grade 4, pollution grade 3-4; color weeping, pollution grade 4-5 (the degree of pollution of two-color fabrics together).

    In addition to the PV plush blanket, the milk velvet printed blanket is also very good, and the quality requirements of the milk velvet printed blanket factory is also very strict.