About The Craftsmanship Of Flannel Jacquard Two-tone Fabric Fac

  • In the cold season, home furnishing products made of flannel have become popular among consumers. So, what kind of fabric is the flannel jacquard two-tone fabric? And what is the craftsmanship of flannel jacquard two-tone fabric factory ?

    Generally, domestically, it refers to the woolen fabric with a pinched pattern woven by mixed-color carded wool yarn. The jacquard technique originated from the original waist machine picking pattern. In the Han Dynasty, this technique has been used on diagonal looms and horizontal looms. A pattern organization of knitted fabrics is also called "large pattern organization". Put the yarn pad on the knitting needle selected according to the pattern requirements and knit into a loop to form. Jacquard weave can be formed in weft-knitted or warp-knitted, single-sided or double-sided knitted fabrics. The fabrics have larger patterns and complex patterns, such as brocade, satin, silk portraits, silk landscapes, and jacquard quilts. Jacquard weave needs to be woven with a jacquard weaving machine. Weft-knitted jacquard weave consists of two or more loop-forming systems weaving a jacquard course. Each loop-forming system only forms loops on those knitting needles selected according to the pattern, and the knitting needles that do not form loops are withdrawn from work. The new yarn is neither put on these knitting needles, and the old loops are not removed from these knitting needles. Take off, wait until the next loop-forming system to make a loop before removing the jacquard loop on the newly formed loop.

    However, the craftsmanship of different fabrics is different, so the flannel fleece blanket factory is different.