Understand The Two-tone Effect Of Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fab

  • Many people who see flannel cationic jacquard fabric will think whether it has a certain relationship with physics, but it is not. This is a fabric sold by flannel cationic jacquard fabric wholesalers , which is widely used in major markets.

    Flannel cationic jacquard fabric is a full-polyester fabric. Generally, it is cationic yarn in the longitudinal direction; and polyester yarn in the transverse direction. To achieve a hemp-like effect, some manufacturers use polyester and cationic mixed materials to spin. Under normal circumstances, the dyeing of cationic fabrics is differential, that is to say, ordinary dyes are used for polyester filaments; cationic dyes are used for cationic filaments. Cationic high-temperature resistance, so during the yarn coloring process, other yarns will be colored, but cationic yarns will not, in this case, the dyed yarn will show a two-color effect.

    The flannel cationic jacquard fabric is very suitable whether it is used to make all kinds of daily clothing or sportswear. For more details, please visit printed quilt wholesalers .