Product Performance Of Milk Velvet Printed Blanket Manufacturer

  • We all know that the blankets sold by the milk velvet printed blanket manufacturer are very comfortable and popular with the public. The fundamental reason is the characteristics of the fabric and its feeling.

    The milk velvet printed blanket is easy to store. It does not require any special treatment except for the use of strong alkaline detergents when washing. It has excellent functions, it can stay bright as new in daily use, and it is easy to take care of.

    Milk velvet fabric is not easy to pilling, and it has a cashmere-like feel. Its monofilament has a fine size and lights specific gravity. Its elongation at break, crimp elasticity, and crimp recovery are closest to cashmere and wool. The fiber is bulky and soft, and the touch is like cashmere Soft, comfortable, smooth, and waxy; white fiber, silky natural luster, elegant appearance, pilling fastness, light fastness, perspiration fastness up to 4~3, and easy to dry.

    So it's no surprise that the milk velvet printed blanket can be loved by everyone. Similarly, the PV plush blanket of PV plush blanket manufacturer has also received a lot of attention due to its own advantages.