How to use tie down straps manufacturer

  • We use some tools when tying the goods. Among them are tie-down straps, so in recent years, the development of the tie down straps manufacturer has been pretty good. So how do tie-down straps need to be used?

    First, we need to unfold the tie-down straps and glue the velcro to make the tie-down straps form a loop. Grasp the tie-down straps A and B with both hands. The velcro must be fully bonded;   put the loop tie-down straps on the stack Tie-down straps A and B   two points, if necessary, you can seek help from others;   Tighten the tie-down straps firmly, adjust and re-adhere the Velcro, grasp the tie-down straps A and B   two points, adjust A and B Point the bonding part, and fully bond the buckle again, so that the tie-down straps can fully bind and fix the goods;  Adjust and fix the position of the tie straps. When the entire pallet is stacked, the tie-down straps must be on the top layer of the goods. The position between the second layer can be used for fixed goods.

    Generally speaking, the use of tie-down straps is very convenient.