Correct Use Of Cargo Tie Down Tools

  • We all know that there are many examples of deaths caused by accidents caused by operating trucks. Among them, more than half of the tragedies caused by cargo tie down are not tight. This shows that cargo tie-down is very important for operating trucks. So how should the binding belt be used?

    Mechanical performance test The mechanical performance test of the steel wire rope includes the whole rope test and the splitting test. The samples are all intercepted in the twisted steel wire rope sling. Whole rope breaking tension test Wire rope slings The whole rope breaking tension is an important mechanical performance index of wire rope slings. The whole rope-breaking tensile test is carried out on a tensile testing machine. The two ends of the sample are fixed with different clamps according to the specifications of the wire rope sling so that the clamp can clamp the sample tightly, and the force is evenly applied to each strand of the sample.

    In addition to the strapping, a ratchet buckle is also a tool we often use when cargo ties down, which can bring us a lot of conveniences.