What is ISO 22000 Certification, what are its benefits?


    ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia was published within the year 2018 and has replaced the ISO 22000:2005 normal. This normal applies to Implementation to the organization, that is into the Food provide Chain Business. once any organization adopts to implement the ISO 22000:2018 for ISO 22000 Certification, it will facilitate to enhance the general performance of the Food Safety of the organization, which area unit into the Food provide Chain Business. The means of Food Safety is related to the presence of Food Safety Hazards (Physical, Chemical, and Biological Hazards) at the time of consumption of Food.  So, adopting the Food Safety Management System for implementation within the organization, the organization shall take adequate management, throughout the availability chain to stop the Contamination of Food Safety Hazards.

     Food Safety Principle

    • Interactive Communication
    • System Management
    • Prerequisite Program
    • Hazard Analysis And Important Management Points.
    • Customer Focus
    • Leadership
    • Process Approach
    • Engagement Of People
    • Improvement
    • Evidence-Based Call
    • Relationship Management

     So, whereas adopting the Food Safety Management System implementation within the organization for Food Safety and ISO 22000 Certification. The ISO 22000 Registration in Dubai shall adopt the Food Safety Principle. For Effectiveness of FSMS System within the organization.

    This normal has adopted the PDCA, method Approach, and Risk base thinking approach. wherever PDCA is for continual Improvement Risk-Based Thinking is adopted on the structure level and operational level for preventing the prevalence of any potential negative effects so that organizations will marinating the Food Safety of product throughout the Food provide Chain. The construct of Risk base Thinking on the Operational Level relies on HACCP Principles. ISO 22000 normal could be a Food safety management system that specifies the necessities for a company within the food chain to demonstrate its ability to manage food safety hazards to make sure that food is safe at the time of human consumption. The ISO 22000 certification mixes the key parts – interactive communication, system management, and HACCP principles to make sure food safety at intervals the organic phenomenon, up to the purpose of ultimate consumption. The FSMS normal integrates the necessities of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and important management Point) principles and also the applicable step of the HACCP principle. The key focus of this can be normal to make sure that food is safe at the time of consumption.

    The organization shall attain through effective food safety hazard analysis, implementation of PRP’s, HACCP plan, CCP, and establishing effective management measures. This FSMS normal is generic and applicable to all or any organizations within the organic phenomenon despite size and complexness. the necessities for the implementation of ISO 22000:2018 is provided in clause #4 to Clause # ten. therefore the organization searching for  ISO 22000:2018 Certification can implement these clauses within the organization. The outline of key needs for understating is given below, the organization will refer identical to be used or reference. which incorporates the need for – development, documentation, implementation of Food Safety Management System (FSMS) as per ISO 22000 Services in Bahrain demand, outline the scope of food safety management system and specify the product or product classes, processes, and production sites that is roofed below food safety management system.

    Context of the organization

    Where the organization shall determine the inner and external problems with the organization considering the context. that may be (But not limited)

    • Legal,
    • Technological,
    • Competitive,
    • Market,
    • Cultural,
    • Social and Economic Environments,
    • Cybersecurity and Food Fraud,
    • Food Defence and Intentional Contamination,
    • Knowledge
    • Performance of The Organization, Whether Or Not International, National, Regional, Or Local.

    Considering the above-focused space, the organization shall determine the problems and address them or take them into thought for Risk analysis.

    Benefits Of ISO 22000 Certification

    • Minimize The Food Safety Hazards Contamination In Food.
    • Reduce The Potential Food Born Diseases, Which Can Cause Due Contamination Of Food.
    • Improve Compliance Level With Applicable Statutory And Restrictive Food Safety Needs
    • Effective Communication On Food Questions Of Safety To Their Suppliers, Customers And Relevant Interested Parties Within The Food Chain
    • Improve The Business Potential Among The Competition.
    • Improve The Arrogance Of Shoppers And Interested Parties.
    • Reduce Wastage Of Raw Materials & Time
    • Improved Operation Management Towards Worker Health And Safety.
    • Improve Food Safety Throughout An Emergency State Of Affairs.
    • Improve The Identification, Traceability, And Products Recall System.
    • Improve The Quality Of The Product Among The Client
    • Overall Improvement Of Organization Name Within The Market.
    • Business Opportunities Improved.

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