Garden Design Ideas - How To Decorate Your Outdoor Garden

  • 1. An outdoor living space that can be used all year round
    Buy more suitable outdoor heating equipment for outdoor gardens, terraces, balconies, and backyards, so that the temperature in these places is more suitable, and you can stay here longer. Novel conveniences such as heavy blankets, outdoor fireplaces, and even pizza ovens will help attract us to entertain outdoors this winter. Heating lamps and fire pits can be adapted to different outdoor activities.
    In summer, parasols and shade sails protect against the afternoon sun. A drop-down screen can be installed to enclose the terrace space and repel mosquitoes. Fans are also a huge help, whether it is to bring indoor fans outside to let the breeze blow, to keep mosquitoes away or to install ceiling fans on the pergola to allow air circulation.


    2. The popularity of balcony gardens
    As the city becomes crowded, our living space may no longer have huge gardens. Balconies or even shared balconies are the trend of urban life. But this does not mean that we will lose the garden, but the clever gardening and planting on the balcony will bring us a beautiful landscape. Consider the verticality of the space and simulate the change of this vertical plant in the garden to create a garden. The sense of hierarchy, the use of one or more plants on the outer wall or even natural inspiration is a beautiful way to inject color into space.


    3. Outdoor lighting
    Choose practical outdoor lighting, whether it's a hurricane lantern that surrounds your swimming pool, a spotlight that illuminates your favorite flower at night, or a striking device, upgrading outdoor lighting will open new doors to life and entertainment.
    For outdoor lighting, it is essential to have dark and bright areas to highlight the areas that will attract the eye. Choose low-power bulbs, and make sure the lights are warm, not cool white, install dimmers when possible, and avoid using large overhead lights.


    4. Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor
    The concept of "biophilic design" is used to increase the connection between people and nature through architecture. Since most of us and our family members already do almost all the work at home, establishing a natural flow between indoors and outdoors will not only maximize your house space, but will also provide you with much-needed spiritual motivation.

    To achieve a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor, one thing to do is to place the furniture as if the outdoor and indoor areas are in the same room. By treating both spaces as one room, you can bring the external space into it and make the entire space more usable. Another way to establish a connection between indoor and outdoor is to use the same floor, carpet, etc. in both locations.


    6. White Garden
    Whether it's dazzling white furniture or gorgeous flowers, the popularity of white gardens has increased in recent years even more so by 2021. The key steps in creating a white garden include choosing a dark background, changing the shape of the leaves, changing the shape and size, repeating the shape, and finally adding some eye-catching white flowers to fill the space.


    7. Gray Garden
    Gray may be one of the most popular colors in the home, and in 2021, this color will extend to outdoor spaces. For the gray garden, match the plants of your choice with the gray artificial colors to really complement and make the colors pop. Purple and yellow are excellent colors that match gray. You can also add a little lavender or lemon or orange trees.

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