The most interesting FUT Team of the Season cards

  • The La Liga FUT Team of the Season has been announced.
    What is the most exciting card? Of course, it couldn't possibly be anyone other than Lionel Messi, one of the greatest players the world has ever seen. It is worth noting that the TOTS card is one of the highest-rated players in the game, having received a rating of 98. Only Pele has a higher score, at 99. Messi's dribbling, shooting, and passing all have 96 or higher ratings, making him the ultimate attacking midfielder in the world. He costs approximately 3.2 million coins, which may appear to be excessive, but he's never going to be inexpensive, is he?

    What was the biggest surprise? One of the most surprising aspects of the TOTS Luis Suarez card has to be how amazing it actually is. He is rated 95, has four-star Skill Moves, a four-star Weak Foot, and all of his in-game attacking attributes are at or above 90 points. Plus, with Shooting as a highlight at 98, it's essentially shoot on sight with the Uruguayan and it'll fly in from out of nowhere. This player's card is presently available for only 700k and is an absolute must-have for anyone trying to build a La Liga TOTS team.

    Is there a card to avoid? Casemiro, the Real Madrid defensive midfielder, is a player I would avoid at all costs. Despite the fact that his defensive statistics are great, he is not a well-rounded player. At this point in the game, there are better alternatives to play in that position, such as Frankie De Jong, who can provide a more dynamic offensive presence. Casemiro's speed, passing, and shooting aren't quite up to par, and his price reflects that, with a 94-rated player fetching only $100,000 for him.


    Bundesliga Football Ultimate Team (FUT) Team of the Season
    What is the most exciting card? The young Englishman Jadon Sancho, who is now one of the highest-rated wingers in the Bundesliga with a rating of 96, has to be the most interesting player in the league. In spite of his high cost (about 2.5 million coins), his 98 Dribbling and five-star Skill Moves make him well worth it. There is also the added benefit of being able to link him up with Premier League players on the right flank, such as Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

    What was the biggest surprise? Because his initial gold card has an 84 rating and three-star Skills, Leon Goretzka is the most surprising of the bunch. The TOTS card is currently considered to be one of the best all-around CMs available in the game. Goretzka is presently valued at 2.8 million dollars, with a rating of 95 and every in-game stat above 90. One of the most significant changes has been the addition of 4* Skill Moves, which have allowed the card to become a more complete midfielder.

    Is there a card to avoid? Mats Hummels is a seasoned German center-back who has played in the Premier League for over a decade. Despite his excellent defensive statistics, it has been shown time and time again that defenders NEED pace in the FIFA "meta" in order to keep up with the forwards, and Hummels is simply too slow at 76. When you consider that Hummels is just 80k for a 93-rated TOTS player, there is no further reason as to why you should avoid him.


    The Serie A FUT Team of the Season has been announced.
    What is the most exciting card? It could only be Cristiano Ronaldo, and no one else could accomplish it. With his regular gold card, TOTW, and TOTS awards, he has unquestionably been the go-to striker for many competitors this season. Incredibly powerful and costing a whopping 5 million coins, he is the ultimate out-and-out striker. With 99 Shooting, 90 Physical, 95 Pace, and 99 Heading Accuracy, he can do everything you require and more to score goals. With the ability to form a hybrid link with players such as Bruno Fernandes or Renato Sanches, CR7 has the extra advantage of being able to score more goals.

    What was the biggest surprise? The most surprising thing about this game is how brilliant AC Milan's Franck Kessie is, and how inexpensive he is – roughly 375k for a 93-rated CDM is an amazing steal. The fact that he is incredibly underappreciated and highly well-rounded should go without saying. With all of his attributes at or above 86, including 99 Physical, 91 Defending, and 93 Dribbling, he is a bulldog in the middle of the field, and he is just what you need to win the ball back from the opposition.


    Is there a card to avoid? Inter Milan's central defender It is safe to say that Milan Skriniar (89-rated) is one of the poorest TOTS cards in the top five leagues, but he is also one of the cheapest, costing only 35k. You absolutely must avoid him at all costs. Of fact, not only does his Pace of 76 fall short, but his Defending and Physical are also much below the level of other TOTS centre-backs as well. With the current meta in place, you should make every effort to get other Serie A players to play at centre-back, such as Juventus' Juan Cuadrado or AC Milan's Theo Hernandez.