Rocket League presents its season 3 with a trailer full of nove

  • Psyonix developer of Rocket League announced last week that Season 3 is scheduled to begin on April 7, 2021. While Rocket League is characterized by the aesthetic arrangements you can do to a certain car, this season these are racing cars, with collaborations such as NASCAR and Formula 1.

    What's the feeling that caught everyone's attention is the rocket pass's new car, Tyranno, which will be available from the pass acquisition as well as unlocking new customization options for the Tyranno, you'll be able to win additional cosmetic equipment like the new goal blast that sends a giant hand to wave a checkered flag when scoring a goal. You can easily to get all the new Rocket Pass items from a reliable Rocket League Item Trading store.

    Psyonix is also changing the way Rocket Pass rewards work beyond level 70, now allowing you to see what rewards you can earn up to 30 ranks early. Even if you keep the free version of the Rocket Pass, you'll still be able to unlock some new gifts, such as the Mechwing Decal, Roskilde Wheels and the old Jester Topper.

    And announced Rocket League for mobile
    A new season is not the only development related to Psyonix motorsport. The studio also recently announced Rocket League: Sideswipe, a mobile-only version of the Rocket League formula that will target iOS and Android devices.