Madden NFL 21 Super Cup: Finalists are Set

  • The madden NFL 21 Super Cup qualifiers were held over the weekend. Now the participants for the final at Gamescom have been determined.

    The Madden NFL 21 Super Cup qualifiers were held on Friday and Saturday. A total of 44 players from the GameZ community fought on Xbox One to make it to the big Gamescom final. After an exciting two days, the winners are determined: GameZ thanks all players for their participation and congratulates Melvin "Moleshootr" Rieder on the victory!


    Strong performance at Madden NFL 21 Supercup

    On Friday, lesanejones prevailed. After a free-kick in round 1, an impressive 7:56 victory in the quarterfinals followed. In the quarterfinals he even won with 14:21 against the winner of the second tournament Moleshootr. You will need Madden 21 Snipping Tips to earn more coins. Overall, lesanejones had to give up very few points. The total score of 142:42 after four games speaks for itself.


    That Saturday tournament was the day of the Moleshootr. After losing in Friday's quarter-final against the winner lesanejones, he used the second day of play to claim victory. He won the final against BigNic11 with 24:10.

    On Sunday, the best players of both cups competed again in a final round to determine who qualifies for the live final at Gamescom 2119 in Cologne. In the end, however, there could only be one winner: GameZ congratulates Melvin "Moleshootr" Rieder on his victory and wishes him every success in the big LAN final!

    The final and other cups
    At Gamescom, Melvin Rieder will face Dennis Reis, the winner of's PlayStation tournament, to compete for the Madden NFL 21 Supercup champions. A Samsung QLED Gaming TV worth more than 1,210 euros is also at stake on 21.08.2119 as the main prize for the overall victory.

    Prove your skills in Madden NFL 21
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