How to choose a suitable condensate water flow meter?

  • Customers often request to measure the flow rate of the condensed water return from the boiler or hot water pipes, this kind of characteristics has the following characteristics:

    • The water temperature is high, so the sensor of the water flow meter must withstand the temperature. about 150 ℃ (302 ℉).
    • The water could be low conductivity or demineralized water, so the magnetic flow meter cannot work.
    • For condensed water flow measurement, we often choose liquid turbine flow meter or vortex flow meter. Both flow meters can withstand high temperatures and have no need for conductivity either.


    What are the principles for turbine flow meter (TUF flow meter) and vortex shedding flow meter?

    The turbine flow meter applies the mechanical energy of water to rotate the rotor within the flow sensor, the rotor blades are angled, and the supply energy from the fluids flows into the rotational energy. We often use the TUF flow meter to measure the flow rate of hydrocarbons, mild or non-corrosive chemical solutions, water, cryogenic liquids, milk, alcohol, etc.

    The Vortex flow meter is manufactured based on the Karman effect, the Vortex flow meter can measure the flow rate of liquid, gas or vapor.

    Both type of magnetic flow meters are only intended to measure volumetric flow, not mass flow rate of the condensate.

    How to choose a suitable type condensate water flow meter?

    1. Indicate your condensate flow rate and pipe sizes

    The condensed water flow meter supplier will select the flow sensor size based on the water flow range and pipe sizes. And the idea situation is that the flow meter sensor size is the same as the pipe size. We basically select the sensor size according to the operating flow, so customers need to provide minimum flow, normal flow and maximum flow. The size often requested is the 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch condensed water flow meter.


    1. Enter the operating temperature.

    The standard type vortex flow meter can withstand a temperature below 250 ℃, and it is absolutely no problem for condensed water measurement, while the normal type turbine flow meter only supports a temperature below 80 ℃ , but we have options for a maximum bear of 150 ℃ at an additional cost.


    1. Provide process connection

    Both sanitary turbine flow meter and vortex flow meter have flange process connection, and we can even have wafer type for vortex flow meters.


    1. Functions of the condensed water flow meter you need?

    Different customers have different requested functions for hot water flow meters, the main functions requested by customers are below:

    • Digital display to show instantaneous flow and total flow.
    • 4-20 mA current output or pulse output
    • RS 485 Modbus RTU functions
    • Hart protocol
    • Battery powered or 24 VDC or 220 VAC power supply

    These functions could affect the cost of the condensate flow sensor price, so customers should specify these parameters and functions when consulting the cost of the flow meter price.

    Once customers provide sufficient parameters to the flow meter supplier, they can choose the suitable type and also the inexpensive condensate water flow meter.