Madden 21 Ultimate Legends token swap set update issue has bee

  • Last weekend, many gamers who completed the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends token exchange set did not receive any rewards. This made some quite disturbed people go online, but EA's Madden NFL Direct team stepped in and investigated the issue. A few days later, they solved the problem and provided fans with the latest operating information. In addition, anyone affected by this issue will receive additional MUT Coins .

    In the ultimate team mode, there are many different promotions or plans, including challenges and exchange sets. For exchanging suits, players generally need to collect different cards and add them to the suit. Upon completion, they will receive specific rewards. With the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends token exchange package, gamers need to play in the game that arrives with the promotion every weekend to get tokens. After obtaining 15 Madden UL tokens, the set is completed, and the reward is a random auctionable/tradable professional version of the ultimate legendary player.

    As of Saturday, May 22, some players indicated that they completed the series, but did not receive any rewards after completion. On Monday afternoon, Madden NFL Direct Twitter posted another update on the issue, this time indicating that they have resolved the issue. However, according to their tweet, gamers need to Buy MUT 21 Coins and then play the game in this mode.

    This could be Solo Battles, Head 2 Head, or any other game in this mode. Once the player has played the game, the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Exchange Set reward will be triggered. In addition, the follow-up tweet updates brought more good news. Saturday 10:30 am to 12:06 pm Anyone affected by the issue of the exchange set. Eastern Time will also receive the Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Pack. Nice reward project.