Production Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers

  •     In order to reduce business risks and improve corporate competitiveness, it is recommended that one of the future investment directions is to establish a complete Basic Copper Chloride industrial chain, forming a one-stop production from corn processing to sodium gluconate processing, thereby forming economies of scale and maximizing production costs Increase investment income.

        Investors should actively explore the overseas business of sodium gluconate; China, as the world's largest supplier of sodium gluconate, will certainly attract more overseas customers by virtue of its overall price advantage. Therefore, in order to reduce transportation costs, it is recommended to invest in the northern coastal areas, especially cities near the port to establish sodium gluconate enterprises.

        The sodium gluconate industry will develop in three areas:

        One is to develop more new materials and build independent brands. Research on new materials and new concepts, and develop new environmentally friendly materials with characteristics and functions. At the same time, we must pay attention to brand building, strengthen publicity in this area, and enhance the value of independent brands.

        The second is to improve the new technology and produce products that meet the requirements of green environmental protection. Efforts should be made in clean production, process innovation, and technological upgrading, strengthen industry self-discipline, and jointly abide by the rules. Various metal raw materials used in sodium gluconate should be produced in accordance with the country's green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction requirements.

        The third is to innovate the finishing process and pay attention to energy saving and consumption reduction. During the production and finishing process of Copper Acetate Manufacturers Sodium Gluconate, attention should be paid to electricity, water, and energy saving, and clean production and standardized production should be carried out.